Wasteful Spending, Honest 

Why do you spend money for what is not bread and your wages for what does not satisfy?                                                                                           Isaiah 55:2

He was to my right, the one man in my life for whom I had fallen

     And fallen hard. 

The one guy with whom I’d grown close, with whom I’d shared and laughed and prayed and leaned on as I struggled hard to raise a child.

The guy who could fix electrical wiring as easily as a computer hard drive was also the guy after whom I had pined and then constructed a happily-ever-after ministry, with the utmost attention to detail; every square inch and extending right up to the edges of a fence   

     Of the white-picket persuasion; the only problem was, he wasn’t,                  

          pining, I mean; not after me, 

not after anyone. 

He had said so verbally, but I never heard him. Funny how words fall silent upon ears that can’t listen; and I wasn’t listening, to his words, I mean…

Only his actions.

     And you know how loud they can be.

I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.                                             John 6:35

But here he was after all these years, after all these years of rifted silence between us, right next to me on a barstool at a surprise meeting place whose location is known only to my dream…just friends;

honest-to-goodness friends engaged in honest-to-goodness and casual conversation like any other honest-to-goodness friends do. 

And I faced his unshaven expression and told him, honest-to-goodness told him I’d missed him. I missed him because we never got to talk anymore.  And part of me does

     Miss him I mean…minus the pining, minus the hunger.  Sometimes for just a moment, I wonder still, if he does too.

No matter because I’ve moved far away from there…


     To here…

I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt; (the land of your longing, of your hunger and thirst, of your loneliness metaphormine) open your mouth wide and I will fill it!                                              Psalm 81:10

Because I’ve finally learned to spend my resources wisely;

     At least most of the time. 


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