If God…

     is not LORD over the least of our worries,

          the least of our cares,
               the least of our concerns
                    the least of out moments

He is not LORD at all 


A favorite summer ritual of mine, email devotionals, journaling and worship music aside, is to sit outside with a cup of dark roast and watch a sleepy world open its eyes and stretch.  In the waking is where I find renewal, caffeine or not.

Wish I could capture in words, a morning bathed in velvet sunrise and share the image so that our eyes behold the same beauty. 

Wish I could breathe in the fresh coolness and revive your spirit so that you too may inhale grace. 

And I wish I could walk barefoot and tickle your toes with blades of green drenched with dew, and join my laughter to yours; and then dance with delight as leaves in the breeze.

But I can’t. 

Wish I had eyes to see, physically, what my spirit sees; the Hand that holds the world and holds ours; angels surrounding me and the ones I love; a heart, rock hard, steel hard, soften in His embrace, a mind or body  wracked in pain and healed by mercy.

Wish I could see, physically, 

     the process as well as the product, 

          The Healer as well as the healing

But I can’t.     

Somehow it’s enough for now, to breathe in and exhale this moment

     For grace freely extended

And simply to 

     Freely receive it all with a grateful heart

          By faith.

For we walk by faith and not by sight.          2 Corinthians 5:7


The Questions that Unraveled me…

What do  you believe?  

     Who do you say that I am?

          Not your friends,

               Or your boss

                     Or ____________? Fill in the blank.

Questions like this are personal, 

     surprising and

          demand an answer.

When I read Peter’s response, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God, my spirit heard:

“If you believe I AM able, that I AM who I say I AM, if you believe these things, why do doubts aris in your heart?  If you believe ME, why do you doubt My work in your life? It is in ME that you live and move and have your being! Why then does this challenge frighten you so?  

If you believe as you say you do, you will see to that it is I who am working in you to accomplish all that is asked of you; you will see that it is not your ability at all, but My ability in and through you. My Spirit flows readily throughout your entire being like the blood coursing through your arteries to feed, to nourish, to cleanse and refresh every organ. 

You often get things confused child as so many of My children do. 

Never forget that your life is hidden with God in Christ. You are not your own. You are precious in My sight for you were purchased at the exorbitant cost of the Son whom I love. 

Freely receive                                                                                                                                                            what I have most assuredly and freely                                                                                                                                                               given.”


Open Mouth, Insert Foot and Find Grace Anyway

I think if Ive done ir once, I’ve done it a thousand times;

You know that dumb thing, which at first sneaks into the heart almost       unheard, like a whisper across a room, but noticed and “interesting” like a       beautiful candy dish full of chocolates; it draws us, perhaps even begs us to “take a look”, 

    and slips out of the mouth. 

The temptation promises far greater than its delivery, 

     Not at all intended to uphold and encourage others

           But to tear down

 and build up


except in truth we only tear down 


Yesterday I blew it big time.

           Yep…I walked right into the office and opened my mouth.

        This morning,  I’m choking on my foot.

And then I wonder why…

     I’m only watching victory

          Instead of living it.

Thank God for grace