Christmas Gift

Have I, so distracted by personal and national concerns, like a fool missed it?  Or worse yet,


Has national debt crowded out

National Treasure? or Santa’s gifts



Missing and forgetting are easy to do this time of year,

“so easy a caveman could do it!”

How did holly and tinsel replace Holy and Beautiful?   Santa and Rudolphholly

Or Self-absorbed indulgence overshadow

gift1                   unique-colourful-christmas-tree-idea

lavish abundance?


He asks nothing but our coming; with the shepherd and mule, the wise men and angels.  He asks nothing but our beholding, like Mary and Joseph.

nativity paintingNothing but our wonder…

and thanks.

A Merry and Most Blessed Christmas to you and yours!

Crux and Crucible


Forged in the fire….

molten metal

we all who fall short.

Then he said to me, “fear not, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand and humbled yourself before God, your words have been heard.”  Daniel 10:12

And it’s painful,

hammer and anvil

this molding.

And we protest, “I can’t do this!”, arguing with the Almighty as if we have even the remotest possibility of winning the argument, anguished protests in the crucible.

And we fight, and wrestle, the cacophony of our rants casting an eerie caricature of the enemy upon the inner chambers of our hearts.  In the light of His Holy presence it mocks our insecurity, looming large…

or seeming to.

Silent screams deafen us to what we most need to hear,

and what He most longs to say, from within…


the greatest intensity.

“Peace be with you; do not fear, you shall not die,” Judges 6:23;

even though it feels as if every breath taken will be our last.


warmth1yielding to more,

to more and to greater.


And “good tidings of great joy…” Luke 2:10.

Because when all is said and done…

when all is purged and all is forged…

we find more than gold.

Christ child

After all, isn’t that the crux of the matter?